• M. Siddique Soomro
Keywords: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA, international destinations, pie chart


In this research paper, with the help from PIA Finance and Accounts Department, I have analyzed the functions and working procedures of PIA Accounting Department and the other departments linked to it. Firstly, the objectives of PIA Corporation (PIAC) have been showcased in the light of |PIAC Act, and then all the departments linked with Finance Department have been analyzed in their proper perspective of the work performed by them.
The entire flow of revenue from earning perspective from various sources to the expenditure has been analytically tracked revealing how PIA gains the revenue and how this revenue is used by PIA. Towards the end of this research paper, I have done S.W.O.T. analysis; which will tell itself the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the PIA in general and PIA Accounting Department specifically

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